Terms and Conditions


Shipping is calculated at the checkout by our live calculations programme. 

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

Studio 110 does not accept returns, refunds or exchanges on their products UNLESS they are faulty.


Faulty Products

If, on the unlikely off-chance you receive a faulty item we will happily provide a gift card or replacement. To receive a gift card or replacement you MUST send an image of the faulty item to studio@studio110nz.com and submit a faulty claim.



All paintings are original pieces unless otherwise stated. Therefore, they are irreplaceable. Paintings are packages and sent as Fragile items. All products are checked prior to shipment or placement in the store.



All photographs are original pieces unless otherwise stated. Photos are able to be reprinted and mounted at the customers cost. All products are checked prior to shipment or placement in the store.

Printful Products

Some of our products are printed by a warehouse in the USA. These items will take up to a week to be printed and checked off. Items included in this are Mugs, Phone Cases, Cushions, Clothing and some Art Prints. The art is created and designed locally but printing is out-sourced. 


Downloads and Gift Cards

Downloads and Gift Cards are not shippable items. Downloads and Gift Cards are emailed to the customer, no physical product will be received. Gift Cards DO NOT have an expiry date. Gift Cards CANNOT be exchanged for cash. Physical Gift Cards can be purchased in store and are able to be used online.



Services will be provided on-location. Services cannot be refunded. 

  1. If you are ill and cannot make your lesson/shoot please notify your teacher/service provider.
  2. If you need to cancel a lesson/shoot please notify your teacher/service provider at least 24 hours before.
  3. Lessons/shoots will be charged for if students/clients do not show without notification.
  4. Lesson/shoot invoices must be paid within 14 days or a 10% surcharge will be added to the bill. If invoices are not paid within 30 days of issue debt collectors will be sourced.

Shop discounts are applicable to services, however, only one discount may be used at any given time. In regards to lessons, group discounts are available for Communication Skills and Speech & Drama only. Discounted prices are shown on the service listing. Group discounts are applied to participants of group classes.

Family discounts are also applicable to Education courses. Family discounts are valid if two or more individuals from the same household undertake in an Education programme through Studio 110. To receive a family discount contact education@studio110nz.com for more details. 



Only ONE discount code can be used per transaction. If more than one discount code is used your transaction will be cancelled. Studio 110 will honor discount codes if the transaction is placed within two hours of the discount code expiring. 

Studio 110 offers full-time discounts and timed discounts. Timed discounts will only be offered in a particular period as per advertisements.