Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama

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Speech and Drama
Speech and Drama is a fantastic skill that helps improve peoples’ abilities to interact with audiences and helps develop great communication skills. Both the arts of speaking and performing well in front of crowds are explored and used in Speech and Drama.

In Speech and Drama lessons you will work on Poems, Poetry, Prose and Reading at Sight. The programme used is based on the Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama syllabus. These classes help to develop confidence in young speakers. 

Skills that are learnt:

  • Reciting and Memorising Poetry
  • Drama Skills
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Miming Skills
  • Reading Aloud
  • Skills that will help in all kinds of careers later on in life.

Studio 110 offers services in Speech and Drama from $20NZD per lesson. Group discounts of 20% per student (calculated current in price).

Lessons are 50 minutes long and can be paid for individually or as a bundle.

Bundles include:

  • Single Lesson
  • 10 Lessons: 10 Paid Lessons + 2 Free
  • 15 Lessons: 15 Paid Lessons + 4 Free
  • 20 Lessons: 20 Paid Lessons + 6 Free

Lesson times will be organised upon payment. Lessons can be used in succession or spread out over a course of time i.e 6 months.

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