Public Speaking

Public Speaking

from 35.00

Public Speaking
Public Speaking helps to develop knowledge of conducting yourself in a public situation.  You will also incorporate some Communication and Drama skills, these will help to fine tune your skills as a public speaker.

Studio 110 offers services in Public Speaking from $35NZD per lesson.

Lessons are 50 minutes long and can be paid for individually or as a bundle.

Bundles include:

  • Single Lesson
  • 10 Lessons: $350 includes two free lessons (Valued at $70)
  • 15 Lessons: $525 includes four free lessons (Valued at $140)
  • 20 Lessons: $700 includes six free lessons (Valued at $210)

Lesson times will be organised upon payment. Lessons can be used in succession or spread out over a course of time i.e 6 months.

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