Beach Tranquility Rectangular Cushion

Beach Tranquility Rectangular Cushion

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Featuring a double-sided print with a concealed zipper. This small rectangular cushion provides a pinch of scenery to your lounge.

Printed by Society6. Photography by Jessica Jack.

About the Artist

PGDipArts (Ethnomusicology), MusB, ATCL, CBO, PPHtReo

Inspired by creativity, Jessica has pursued and accomplished an array of goals. With an interest in culture and individuality, Jessica provides education in Drama, Communications, and Music. Jessica has been expanding her Photography since 2014 and is furthering her education in this field.

Jessica's artistic interests include:
- Drama
- Music
- Ethnomusicology
- Photography
- Watercolour

Jessica offers education in:
- Drama Subjects
- Music Subjects

Jessica offers services in: 
- Photography

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