Vocal Coaching


What is Vocal Coaching?

A Vocal Coach is an advisor to help you ensure your voice is kept safe and can be used to it's fullest potential. At Studio 110 we offer Vocal Coaching to singers and speakers,  from beginners to advanced and in between. 

Vocal Coaching isn't just a fancy term for 'Singing Teacher', although we do teach you the same aspects, we provide a more in-depth look into your Vocal Health to ensure you are looking after your voice. 


How can Studio 110 help me?

Are you a singer? Are you a speaker? Do you ever find your voice feels tired or overworked after a performance? We want to help you learn about your voice, how to recover it when it is feeling a bit over-used, and how to keep it safe.

all lessons are 30 minutes and taught via skype 




Communication Skills


What are Communication Skills?

Communication Skills are the ability to communicate confidently to groups of any size. This can be through verbal or written communications. 

Why are Communication Skills important?

Communications Skills are important as we all need to be able to clearly express ourselves, whether we are at work, in the community or speaking with friends and family. 

How can Studio 110 help you?

Our main coach, Jessica Jack, has been studying and working in the communications field for approximately two decades. She is well versed in the English language and encourages others to expand their knowledge.

Studio 110 will help you increase your skills in communication while encouraging you to advance your knowledge areas you are most interested in. 

all lessons are 30 minutes and taught via skype 

Are you Interested in advancing your communication skills?

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Speech and Drama, Performing Arts


At Studio 110 we offer coaching services for three Performance subjects, Speech and Drama, Public Speaking and Performing Arts.

Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama is a fantastic skill that helps improve peoples’ abilities to interact with audiences and helps develop great communication skills. Both the arts of speaking and performing well in front of crowds are explored and used in Speech and Drama.

In Speech and Drama lessons you will work on Poems, Poetry, Prose and Reading at Sight. The programme used is based on the Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama syllabus. These classes help to develop confidence in young speakers. 


Public Speaking

Public Speaking helps to develop knowledge of conducting yourself in a public situation.  You will also incorporate some Communication and Drama skills, these will help to fine tune your skills as a public speaker.


Performing Arts

Performing Arts is a great way to introduce yourself into performing. Adapting devising pieces into a small program are key skills that are taught. Performing Arts is a fun, challenging subject that can lead onto other topics such as Musical Theatre.


What's in it for you?

Not only will you gain confidence and advance the skills you already have, you will learn the following techniques and skills:

  • Reciting and Memorising Poetry

  • Drama Skills

  • Improvisation Skills

  • Miming Skills

  • Reading Aloud

  • Skills that will help in all kinds of careers later on in life.

all lessons are 30 minutes and taught via skype 

Are you Interested in advancing your Performance skills?

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